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cover Chain empowerment: Supporting African farmers to develop markets KIT, IIRR and Faida MaLi 0   1788
cover Challenging chains to change: Gender equity in agricultural value chain development KIT Publishers, Agri-ProFocus, IIRR 0   775
cover Do all roads lead to market? Learning from AGRA’s Market Access Programme Emma Kambewa, Matieyedou Konlambigue, Bertus Wennink and Mariana Wongtschowski (Editors) 0   990
cover Faire changer les chaînes: Equité entre les genres dans le développement des chaînes de valeur agricoles KIT, Agri-ProFocus and IIRR 0   625
cover Financiamiento de cadenas de valor: Más allá de las microfinanzas para emprendedores rurales KIT, IIRR and forolacfr 0   844
cover Financing microenterprises Wendy-Ann Rowe, Thomas Shaw, Shaun Ferris and Paul Mundy (editor) 0   809
cover Getting to market: From agriculture to agroenterprise Shaun Ferris, Paul Mundy and Rupert Best (eds) 0   839
cover It takes two to trade: Understanding and improving farmer–firm relations in Africa Ted Schrader, Lisette van Benthum, Annemarie Groot Kormelinck, Bertus Wennink, Inger Janssen 0   550
cover Learning and earning: How a value chain learning alliance strengthens farmer entrepreneurship in Ethiopia John Belt and Wim Goris, with Sorsa Debela, Firew Kefyalew, Eva Smulders and Piet Visser 0   718
cover Moving herds, moving markets: Making markets work for African pastoralists International Institute of Rural Reconstruction 0   1083
cover Mujeres al frente: Equidad de género en el desarrollo de la cadena de valor agrícola KIT, Agri-ProFocus and IIRR 0   626
cover Origin-based products: Lessons for pro-poor market development Petra van de Kop, Denis Sautier and Astrid Gerz (eds) 0   807
cover Structured grain trading systems in Africa CTA and EAGC 0   1029
cover Sustainable procurement from developing countries: Practices and challenges for businesses and support agencies Marije J Boomsma 0   651
cover Systèmes de commerce structuré de céréales en Afrique CTA et EAGC 0   751
cover The business of agricultural business services: Working with smallholders in Africa M Wongtschowski, J. Belt, W. Heemskerk, D. Kahan (eds.) 0   723
cover The IKEA experience in moving towards a Better Cotton supply chain: Making sustainability work Kavita Joshi Rai 0   633
cover Trading up: Building cooperation between farmers and traders in Africa KIT and IIRR 0   20902
cover Value chain finance: Beyond microfinance for rural entrepreneurs KIT and IIRR 0   919
cover Working together, learning together: Learning alliances in agroenterprise development Rupert Best, Shaun Ferris and Paul Mundy (eds) 0   659
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