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Web tools

Useful tools for computers, websites and the internet

Note: I haven't used all of these myself. As far as I'm aware, they're all either free or open source.

The range of tools is changing all the time, so this list (from 2012) is undoubtedly already out of date. Let me know of any corrections or additions.

See also the list at


Protects your computer from viruses

Audio editing

Edits audio files


Saves a copy of your files


Web-based diary, web log - Good for your website's news section



Keep track of your appointments

Collaborative writing

Communities of practice

Content management systems (CMS)

For complex content. Allows you to upload content in different categories

Desktop publishing

Desktop search

Searches the contents of your computer

Digital libraries



File compression

File storage and sharing


Prevents online nasties from getting onto your computer

Free software

FTP (uploading) software

Graphics editing

Image sharing

Instant messenger

Sends messages to your friends

Macro maker

Automates keystrokes and mouse clicks

Music player

Manages and plays music

Office productivity

Suites containing a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, etc (like Microsoft Office)

Online tutorials

Password manager

Manages your passwords and keeps them safe

PDF conversion

PDF reader

Remote access

Lets you access your home computer from somewhere else

Search engines

Social bookmarking

Social networking

Survey tools

Online survey tools and polls


To do list manager

Reminds you what you still have to do

Web address redirection

Shortens long web addresses

Web design software


Let many people contribute to a single website

Video sharing

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